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 “LET FREEDOM LAUGH! – The Bill of Rights Comedy Concert” debuts on AXSTV April 16th at 10 PM eastern, 7 PM pacific.

The concert and special were produced by MyBillofRights.org* to raise awareness about our new Matching Fund Endowment. Celebrated satirist Lewis Black headlines, alongside comedy legends Dick Gregory and Tom Smothers, as well as rising stars Cristela Alonzo, Ahmed Ahmed and John Fugelsang. The special also features interview clips with each artist and MyBillofRights.org* Executive Director Chris Bliss, as well as very special appearances by Sarah Silverman, Wanda Sykes, and Penn Jillette.
(PLEASE NOTE: This special contains adult language)

(left-to-right) Chris Bliss, Dick Gregory, Lewis Black, Cristela Alonzo, Ahmed Ahmed,Tom Smothers, John Fugelsang

Chris Bliss, Dick Gregory, Lewis Black, Cristela Alonzo, Ahmed Ahmed, Tom Smothers, John Fugelsang

The Matching Fund Endowment

Our Matching Fund Endowment is a historic effort to bring monumental displays of The Bill of Rights to all 50 State Capitols. We’ve chosen these locations because almost every school child takes at least one field trip to his or her State Capitol. Completing this unprecedented legacy project will give millions of impressionable young Americans, every year for generations to come, the chance to see their Bill of Rights in monumental form – along with millions more visitors of all ages, as well as the public servants who work in these centers of America’s civic life.
Nothing speaks louder about a unique undertaking like this than who its friends are. We are most proud of our ongoing support from Newman’s Own Foundation, which has awarded us five consecutive annual grants, and the support of over 1000 contributors from 40-plus States.
We’re equally gratified that artists such as Lewis Black and legends Dick Gregory and Tom Smothers continue to lend their voices to this effort; and for the commitments of Michael Jensen and Mark Krantz, along with co-producer Tisha Fein, to produce “Let Freedom Laugh!”- The Bill of Rights Comedy Concert”, which begins airing on AXSTV on April 16th.

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About The Bill of Rights Comedy Concert And Our 50 State Mission


America’s 1st Monument Of The Bill Of Rights

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*(On January 1, 2021 MyBillofRights.org officially became The Bill of Rights Monument Project. Our new trade name was registered with the Arizona Secretary of State’s office effective November 18, 2020)