KFOR-TV Profiles The Bill Of Rights Monument Plaza

An excellent project profile and interview with Maj. Gen. Rita Aragon (USAF, ret) of the Oklahoma Capitol Project Advisory Committee …

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Bill of Rights Monument Plaza completes Design Development

(9/01/2020) The Bill of Rights Monument Plaza at the Oklahoma State Capitol has reached a new benchmark …

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Monuments That Will Bring Us Together

Executive Director Chris Bliss’s 2019 Bill of Rights Day message is even more timely now.

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Bringing The Bill of Rights To All 50 State Capitols

Our Matching Fund Endowment is a historic effort to bring monumental displays of The Bill of Rights to all 50 State Capitols. We’ve chosen these locations because almost every school …

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America’s First Monument Of The Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights Monument at the Arizona State Capitol was officially dedicated on the morning of December 15, 2012. The ceremony took place in a light rain, in front …

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Newman’s Own Foundation Continues Their Support

Newman’s Own Foundation has continued their support of The Bill of Rights Monument Project with a 7th consecutive annual grant, which will be used to support our efforts in Oklahoma …

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Commissioning Guidelines & Standards

These guidelines and standards for State Capitol projects were developed by our design consultants at Kincannon Studios.

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Our mission is to raise awareness about the freedoms and principles in The Bill of Rights through the creation of monuments and permanent displays in civic spaces across America, beginning with all 50 State Capitols. Our goal is to elevate The Bill of Rights to its rightful place of prominence in our public square, as a clarion call to the generations that follow to pay heed to America’s founding legacy of liberty.


The Bill of Rights is the single most powerful and successful assertion of individual rights and liberties ever written, truly one of history’s most important and influential documents. Its ingenious balance of personal freedoms and political principles has proven dynamic and durable for over two centuries, making the adoption of a “Bill of Rights” the basic demand of people everywhere seeking freedom from oppression.


Monuments have a unique way of connecting us with our heritage, by showing each new generation exactly what the generations before them felt was so important that they literally carved it into stone an forged it in metal. They play a key inspirational and educational role in passing along our most cherished values, making history visible, tangible, and unforgettable; especially for younger people.


Today The Bill of Rights is barely taught in our schools, and all but invisible in our public square. This is not just a matter of neglecting our history. The freedoms and concepts embedded in The Bill of Rights – powerful ideas like individual liberty, equality under the law, the free exchange of ideas and institutional checks and balances – are just as essential to our future, forming the foundation of our civic life and our prosperity. Passing them along to future generations is a basic responsibility of citizenship.


When completed, THE BILL OF RIGHTS MONUMENT PROJECT will leave a legacy of unprecedented scope: a national network of landmark monuments spanning America’s State Capitols, providing inspirational settings where millions of visitors each year can reflect on and engage with the enduring genius of The Bill of Rights, and each other.