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Oct 21, 2012 No Comments ›› Chris Bliss

Only $25,000 to go !!!

MyBillofRights.org* is excited to announce that since October 1st we’ve raised over $100,000 for The Bill of Rights Monument at the Arizona State Capitol. Thanks to a strong response from a broad array of community leaders, our goal of being ready to dedicate America’s first monument of The Bill of Rights this December 15th – Bill of Rights Day, the 221st anniversary of when the Bill of Rights was ratified – is within reach.

All we need is to raise another $25,000 by November 13th in order begin the installation in time to guarantee a Bill of Rights Day dedication.

So far we are right on schedule. The stonework is already 3/4 finished, with Amendments I-V inscribed and completed, and all ten of the limestone monoliths now fully sculpted.

Help us get the rest of the way, and add your name in joining with the 1000+ individual donors that have made possible America’s first monument of The Bill of Rights. Contribute here (and how about now?) and help us make history for future generations.

Amendments I-V, VIII Kincannon Studios 9.10.2012

(click to play)

*(On January 1, 2021 MyBillofRights.org officially became The Bill of Rights Monument Project. Our new trade name was registered with the Arizona Secretary of State’s office effective November 18, 2020)