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Contributor Comments

“Good luck and best wishes on your worthy endeavor. For someone who was born and raised outside of the United States of America, I have a profound reverence for this document even before I set foot on this country. Protecting and defending it and the country for which it stands while in uniform for 21 years was a rare honor and privilege of my life.”

– Luis E


“I am sending a contribution on behalf of my wife and I. She grew up in Vietnam, and looks at the USA as a shining beacon of personal freedom. We can uphold her expectations.
It is great that you don’t take corporate contributions. That way it can’t be hijacked for PR purposes. We wish we could give more, but these are tight times . . . Thank you.”

– Adam P


It is about time someone started a project like this. As a disgruntled, disillusioned, and angry Vietnam Vet, all I can say is . . . Thank You !!

– Robert V


“My mother had the Bill of Rights FRAMED and positioned at the top of our staircase at home. Not the 10 Commandments (even though she was a devout Catholic). For our family, through many generations it was the Bill of Rights that was the supreme document that we held and hold sacred. It’s what we fought and died for. Thank you”

– MG


“Thank you for what you are doing. I don’t even have the $50, but I can’t afford not to donate.”

– SH


“I don’t have any connections to anybody. I’m just a working stiff from Brockton, MA. But I try to do what I can to help. You don’t have to thank me. Let me thank you for the job you are doing for all Americans.”

– Robert M


“My donation went out today, and I’ve never felt better about sending money. Great cause.”

– Evan D


“On behalf of my family, please accept this donation to the Foundation Foundation. Placing the Bill of Rights at the Texas State Capitol is brilliant in its simplicity.”

– Sandra H


“What you’re doing is not only really cool, but also terribly important. Not enough people understand that the Bill of Rights is *their* document.”

– Kirsten C


(ps –and Dudesses)”

– Mick M


“It all sounds very exciting, and I know you’ll get great responses wherever you go. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this important work, and thanks so much for all you do.”

– Renee B


“I think it’s a GREAT idea. Somehow, we’ve (U.S.) got to get back to some common ground”

– Darlene M


“It impresses me that something worthwhile and tangible will come from this effort . . . a work of art that will remain standing long after we are gone. Well done!”

– JP


“I totally agree that this is a WONDERFUL idea – and here’s my donation as proof! It’s not much, but it’s something for an important project.”

– Matt P


“Thanks for this positive approach to the current insanity. Good luck in your efforts!”

– Joanna L


“Thank You for your efforts!! What a great idea! Keep up the good fight. Your cause will gain in momentum in direct correlation to the Good it is generating. This is the American Spirit we have been missing for so long”

– Claire J


“It is a marvelous instrument that has given us freedom beyond measure anywhere in the world. It is very worth fighting for and preserving it for the next generation(s).”

– WG


“You are a groove and a gas and people should send you rubies and other fine things.”

– Peter W


“Wishing you the best of luck in helping to bring some sanity back into our national consciousness.”

– Donald S


“Thank you for all of your hard work and I hope my small contribution helps you continue your efforts. I will give more when I can afford to, as these are the kind of efforts that bring me hope in these dark times.”

– Kevin G


“Good work”

– Steve


“Best of luck.”

– Teresa


“An admirable cause!”

– Cloe P


“Keep up the good work. I wish I could give more”

– David


“Thank you! This is simply a brilliant idea. “

– Steven


“Good Luck, and thank you for pursuing this project”

– John And Peg


“I will keep telling people about this brilliant idea. Thanks!”

– Barb


“Great American idea THANKS.”

– Jim


“Great idea . . . my check is in the mail. It’s not much, but I hope that it can help.”

– Laina


“What a great idea!”

– Tom (a Canadian planetary citizen)


“This is fantastic, pure genius, and I wish you guys the greatest success.”

– Jerry


“Thanks so much for what you and your brother are doing. You make me proud to be part of this project. ”

– CR


“You made a wonderful presentation on Randi Rhodes, and your website is very persuasive. It strikes just the right tone. Thank you for what you are doing.”

– Deborah H


“Thank You… and all involved in this Great Project….It reminds me of when (a number of years back) The Statue of Liberty was Renovated. Great Stuff!!!”

– Glenn F


“This is a fantastic idea. Best of luck to you, and Merry Chrishanukwanzaamas!”

– Criss T


“I have been sending your website to everyone I know. I am also including a copy of the Bill of Rights to all my young adult children with their Christmas presents and am going to donate money in their names. I think this is the one thing that might unite America….and give the youngsters some insight into what America is . . . not just materialism. Thank you.”

– Barbara B


“I was in DC this year and went see the original document. Very faded but still there. We need to be sure the fading is only on the old-time document and that our rights are strongly visible in real-life. Great Idea. Important work.“

– Robert S


“What a wonderful idea! I was shocked to learn there isn’t any such monument already. This is a fantastic idea that all Americans should support!”

– Paul L


“Thought your idea was fabulous. Please accept my donation, and let me know if there’s anything I can do from the Minneapolis end of things”

– Scott S


“. . . simply great. I’ve got a bookmark with the Bill of Rights printed on the two sides, and you bet I’m using it. Kids should not be able to leave 3rd grade without being able to tell at least those 10 rights. It should be published in other languages for Americans who immigrated and whose command of English is not strong.”

– Deborah S


“One portion of my and my children’s gift exchange with each other for the past several years has been Heifer International. I want you to know that this year it’s going to include Foundation Foundation. I’ve been searching for something that I feel has a chance to truly make a difference. Thank you more that I could ever say!”

– Davina C


“Enclosed is a $100 check, which is the only thing I have made even remotely resembling a political contribution in about 20 years. I am looking forward to the day that the Bill of Rights monument shows up here in Austin at the Capitol. Thanks for kicking this project off.”

– Robert M


“$20.00 is all I can afford, but very glad to do it! Loved the comment about putting your hand on the bible to uphold the Constitution, rather than the other way around. Brilliant!

– Hunter C


“This is a wonderful idea. It should raise the consciousness of many Americans regarding perhaps our most important document related to American freedom. Please consider the future sites of Independence Square in Philadelphia and Ground Zero in NY”

– William B


“I will forward your email to others, including my very right-wing brother-in-law. I hope you find that this is a good way to connect otherwise at-odds people.”

– name withheld

“Way to go, Chris! This is a great idea. Keep the faith… in the Bill of Rights!”

– Wayne S